Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy to Be Back!

Thank you for your well wishes, your demands (ahem, Drea), and your patience! Here I am! First, a short digest of what's been going on.

A move (we all felt this way):

Beautiful new surroundings (Our Hero and I have climbed that mountain several times now!):

Aaaaand, a high-speed chase ended in our front yard. No better way to meet the neighbors, I say. You can't see it in this (very poor quality) picture, but the truck hit THREE trees in our yard, like a pinball. Amazing. It was all complete with the guy attempting to escape. Very surreal.

Indeed, things are well. Our Hero has started his work nurturing the minds of the young, and I have been puttering, filing, labeling, budgeting, alternately panicking and relaxing, reading, hiking, swimming, and . . . cooking of course!

I'm excited to get the blog rolling here again as we ease into harvest season. Farmers' Markets here are plentiful, and this weekend I spied the first squash of the season! My father made the mistake of calling me and asking what to do with a squash, and I'm afraid I went on and on and on and on, exciting myself as I shared about pasta sauces, soups, pizzas . . . I'm doing it again. Better quit while I'm ahead.

In any event, I will be posting regularly again, and can smell my next post finishing up in the oven as I write. Stay tuned, I'm getting in touch with my roots by making Basque-style stuffed peppers.


Misty said...

You know, your kitty looks a lot like our kitty! :-) Though, she often likes to lounge on my laptop, stinkin' cat...LOL

wellunderstood said...

yes, cats have a way of sleeping right where you wish they would not sleep. thus far, she has not invaded the kitchen (when it comes to sleep, anyway). good to hear from you!

Pat said...

Ohhhhhhh Welcome back WU!!!! Missed having you here. New place looks cool and what a lovely mountain to climb!!!! I think I am just like you with squashes. Love them to bits!!!

mamaperreca said...

I just found your blog at random. A link from someone else's I imagine. I love it. I cooked 3 meals from it last week. Glad you are back to inspire us. We are in Kansas.

wellunderstood said...

pat - glad you've come back to read! maybe we can swap some squash recipes this year!

mamaperrica - welcome and so glad you're enjoying my blog and making the recipes! what have you tried lately that worked out well for you?

mamaperreca said...

My husband loved the Spicy Sausage bowl from a while back. We put Collards for the greens and Italian Sausage instead of the Chorizo. It was awesome!

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