Thursday, July 12, 2007

Movin' on up

I am busy wrapping things up at work, and then we must begin the ardous tasks involved in preparing to move to another state. We move in two-and-a-half weeks, and the stress has already begun.

If I have the time and resources, I will try to post, but it may be a little sparse until August. Be gentle! Come back and check soon!


Jessica said...

Good luck! Oh, and I'm making those yummy blueberry muffins again this weekend!

Pat said...

Good luck WU will miss you till you get back. Will be checking on a regular basis to see when you return. Hope it goes stress free for you!!!

Misty said...

Good luck with the move! Big moves like that are such a PITA.

I will definitely be using some of your recipes too. :-)

Nora B. said...

oooh, I hate moving. So I totally empathise with your situation. But once everything is unpacked and you are enjoying your new place, it will be so worth it. Good luck! And watch you back.

Jessie Mae said...

Ooo, is that a shot of the place your moving into? It looks beautiful!

Pat said...

Hope all is going well WU!!! Been missing your updates. Hope the move is going well. Hugs!!!

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